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In search of excellence in Reconstructive Microsurgery

The Reconstructive Microsurgery European School (RMES) is a state-of the art learning facility, designed and commissioned to meet the needs of the modern healthcare professional and provide excellence as a facility for advanced microsurgical training.

The aim of this school is teaching the skills required to perform microsurgery required in a variety specialities including plastic surgery.

This school focuses on training students to acquire a higher level of basic skills in a microsurgery by means of intense laboratory practice and will help the student to make a decision about their surgical specialty since microsurgery is a surgical skill that relates to many surgical fields.

Our school programmes provide hands-on experience, performing experimental microsurgical procedures under the direct supervision of the instructor. Students will also participate in the design and performance of scientific experiments. In addition, they will perform post-operative care of relevant animal models and participate in data analysis and interpretation. Students will be encouraged to submit it for a publication in a peer-reviewed journal.

RMES Master’s Degrees and Postgraduate Diplomas are officially recognized by Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB).

Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona has the best Medical School in Spain, according to the latest “U-multirank 2019” classification, a platform financed by the European Commission.

The evaluation is through 35 indicators divided in 5 areas: research, teaching and learning, knowledge transfer, international orientation and regional engagement.

UAB has obtained the maximum score of A in 5 of 19 indicators: PhD Degree, most cited publications, citation rate, co-edition with industrial partners and international research grants.